Text Box: Agri-Nutrients, Inc.

Our new state-of-the-art

Fertilizer blending and bagging facility at the Port of Catoosa, Oklahoma

Text Box: Located outside of Tulsa at the Port of Catoosa, Agri-Nutrients has been in the fertilizer blending and bagging business since 1992.  We are able to deliver a competitive price to our customers because of our location which allows us to take delivery of our raw materials directly from the barge to our warehouse, where we blend, bag and warehouse on our premises.
Text Box: Agri-Nutrients utilizes state-of-the-art techniques.  All new in 2010, our building is designed specifically for fertilizer.  All equipment is under the seventy-five foot roof peak, which eliminates common humidity problems.  One hundred fifty foot clear span floor space insures rapid loading of SKUís.  Primary blending is computer controlled in a continuous, declining weight, volumetric blender with the capacity of 200 tons per hour
Chemical impregnated products are processed separate from plain fertilizers.  A dedicated impregnation line includes a 2010 sealed coating blender and stainless steel transfer system.
Text Box: Agri-Nutrients, Inc.